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How Do You post A Video Or a game

2011-04-23 12:48:24 by arcadeMachine

please comment how to post a video or a game.

How Do You post A Video Or a game


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2011-04-24 23:15:05

What is a .swf


2011-04-23 12:59:56

Do you have the video or game done?
If so go to the Submit Content button that is above the Forums and Store Buttons and just follow the instructions after that.


2011-04-23 13:10:12

Um, do you mean submitting a game or video? You have to make one in Flash and then export to a .swf. :)


2011-04-23 15:10:13

1. Make YOUR OWN flash. Do NOT simply download somebody else's work and try to upload it here.
2. On top of every single page of the site is a link that says "Submit Content!", right above the Forums/Store buttons on the main header on top of the page. Click it and fill in the required stuff.
3. Wait to see if your submission passes judgment. If it does, it'll be on the site forever unless you or an admin deletes it. If it gets blammed, then it really sucked and you should work a lot harder before trying to submit it or anything else again.